Chapter 7

My eyes opened and I noticed the ceiling was different. It took me a moment to realize that I’m not in my room. I closed my eyes and snuggled with the pillow. What happened last night? I smiled as I bit my lips with excitement, recalling the event that took place last night.

I cannot believe I’m kissing Tom and when we finally broke off, I pushed myself to sit up. He sat opposite me and I was trying to look for signs of regret but he was smiling at me as he touched my hair.

“It’s getting late. You should get some rest” he said.

He stood up and I walked him to the door.

“Good night” he kissed my forehead.

“Night” I said softly.

Then he walked out, leaving a scent of his aftershave in the room.

Why do I feel such a longing? Just then there was a knock and I thought it might be Tom but it was just Jane.

“Miss Wang, would you like your breakfast in bed or downstairs?”

Breakfast in bed? That would be too much.

“I’ll be down in a minute” I nodded and as soon as she went out, I changed into my own clothes, and as I washed my face, I realized I’m washing away Tom’s touch. When I went downstairs, I saw Madam eating breakfast with Jay.

“Morning auntie” I smiled.

Both of them looked up and Jay looked at me, giving an overall look.

“Finally the princess woke up” he smirked.

A frown from auntie made him returned his attention back to his breakfast plate.

“Morning Lisa. Come and have some breakfast” she indicated the table.

“Oh, it’s okay. Thanks for letting me stay for the night” I bowed a little.

Jay turned to me and swallowed his bread.

“Come on, just stay for breakfast” he sounded slightly annoyed.

I gave in and sat down. The table was filled with all sorts of food. Somehow I had to fight the urge to ask where Tom was. Did he regret about last night? How does he feel because when we kissed, it was clearly not a quick snog. I picked up a slice of bread and spread some jam on it. Just then Tom walked in wearing those long sleeved shirt not un tucked. My heart gave a leap but his face gave away no clue about last night.

“Madam, your foot massage appointment is at 9” he said casually.

I glanced at the clock on the wall. Half an hour to go. Auntie nodded and turned to Jay.

“Jie Lun, you take Lisa home ok?”

I was alarmed. First of all, Jay hates me and I do not want him to think I’m such a trouble.

“Oh no, I can go home by myself” I protested.

“Don’t be silly. Jie Lun can take you home. He will be going for a commercial shoot anyways”

I nodded and thanked her. Luckily Jay does not look that annoyed. Then I got up with my plate full of crumbs and headed to the kitchen. Auntie said the maid could clean up but I felt it was unnecessary. As I was washing the plate, Tom walked in the kitchen to pour himself a glass of juice.

“Sleep well?” he asked.

How could I not, I thought as I mentally recalled the kiss.

“Quite well, you?” I turned to him.

He smiled and stood next to me, a glass of orange juice in his hand.

“I slept with the biggest smile on my face”

I giggled.

“How could you know if you were smiling when your eyes are shut?”

He shrugged “ I just know” then he washed his glass.

I turned to leave as I could hear chairs being pushed back. Auntie and Jay are getting up. Suddenly I felt a tug on my arm and when I turned, Tom kissed my cheek.

“Take care” he smiled.


As we pulled up at my apartment, I unbuckled my seat belt and turned to say goodbye to Jay. It had been an uncomfortable ride as he hummed to himself most of the journey.

“Wait, Miss Wang”

I turned back to him; well he looked nicer and less annoyed.

“I know we did not get on a good start. I know I been harsh. I’m sorry”

I nodded, so he doesn’t hate me anymore?

“It’s okay” I managed a small smile.

“I hope we can get along, cause within this one month , I have seen my mother happier than before because now she has a friend to talk to “

“I’m sure your mother has other friends”

He shook his head.

“I’m not even sure who her friends are. She has many leeching friends, trying to be nice to her as I am the one who is making the money or girls who are after me“

“Then what about me? Aren’t you afraid that I’m like that?”

“My mom trusts you. I don’t think you will want to see her sad or hurt, right?”

Jay was looking at me and I could feel that he was trying to trust me. After all, he just wants to protect his mother. This is my chance to proof to Jay that not every one is after his money and not every reporter will talk about him all the time. Of course he doesn’t know I’m a reporter. I smiled and shook my head. That’s when Jay smiled, first time at me. Then he reached to the back seat and brought out a CD of his newest album and signed the cover.

“I want you to have this” he handed the CD to me.

I was touched by Jay’s gesture. To me, this shows how he sincerely wants to apologize for his behavior.


I pressed pause on my MP4 player just to accept my juice from the waitress. The window beside me overlooked a man made waterfall. The rushing sound of water was calming, so serene. I smiled as Tom came in my mind.

“Hello babe”

I turned and saw Sean, Cindy’s snakey boyfriend grinning at me. Goodbye serenity.

“What are you doing her?” I rolled my eyes.

Sean always gives me the creeps. Personally, I don’t like him and I don’t even think he’s good looking.

“I’m here to tell you Cindy will be a little late” he smiled, that sleazy smile

I nodded a little and turned back to face my juice as I pressed play on my MP4. My thoughts wandered off to Tom. It’s been a week since the kiss and I haven’t heard from him or auntie. Was Jay’s nice gesture a sign of telling me I won’t see them anymore?

“Why do you hate me?”

Oh gosh, he’s still standing there.

“I just don’t think you’re the right guy for Cindy”

There, that’s the best way to put it, excluding the word sleazy, jerk, annoying, asshole, playboy and the list goes on.

“I’m sorry you felt that way” he said quietly.

He looked remorse and sad, I almost felt guilty for saying that to him.

“Why don’t one day the three of us have dinner at the famous diner around the corner?”

Sean looked excited and hopeful that I couldn’t help but to pay attention to what he was saying. Perhaps I had misunderstood him. Just then he leaned down and whispered in my ear .

“After that, we can all drive back to my place”

“What the hell for?” I asked, although I guessed the sickening answer.

I stood up and stepped away from him. I think I knew the answer but I refuse to believe my best friend would fall for someone like Sean.

“You know you want a good time with me. Just the three of us. Or if you like, the two of us” he smirked.

My jaws dropped. A threesome? I was so stunned I couldn’t think straight.

“Are you for real? Gosh, you are the worst guy ever. I’m your girlfriend’s best friend. You are pure disgusting” I looked at him like he’s the grossest thing in the world, which he is.

“Oh baby. Why are you acting all innocent now? As if you never thought of it”

“I have a boyfriend” I blurted out. Wait, where did that come from?

“You mean that publicity stunt with that popstar’s bodyguard?” he laughed.

“Yes, there’s nothing funny about that “ I was getting uncomfortable.

‘That’s not your boyfriend. He’s gay” Sean grinned.

My eyes widen “He’s not” I felt like I had to defend Tom.

“F-A-G-G-O-T” his face came near mine then he tried to kiss me. I bit his bottom lips and walked away while he groaned in pain.

“ I’m a real man!”

As I walked away, I could still hear him shouting.

“You like it nasty, huh babe”

I couldn’t help it but I started crying.


The truth was, Sean had hit me right in my guts. Why has Tom been so silent for a week? Was it true he’s gay? Maybe that kiss had been a confirmation for him. Oh, I kissed a girl and I don’t feel anything so I guess I’m gay? Had I been an experiment? Is that why he said take care? Was that why Jay was so nice to me? Suddenly I felt used, by the whole Jay household.

Since Gail is out clubbing tonight, Snooky was my only companion. Rainie Yang’s voice drowned the TV sound suddenly. I searched frantically for my phone, buried somewhere, underneath some throw pillows. Disappointment sets in when I saw Cindy’s name. I told her I was having a headache earlier, that's why I left. I couldn't bring myself to tell her about Sean.

“Hey babe” Cindy sounded happy.

“Hi Cindy” I tried to sound happy when the truth was, I been wiping silent tears for the last ten minutes.

“I’m picking up some food and I’m coming over to cheer you up”

“It’s ok Cindy, I’m fine” I reached out to pat Snooky om his head.

“Don’t be silly. I’ll be there in 20 minutes” then she got off the phone.

Perhaps it would be better to have Cindy over; at least I’m not lonely. Snooky started to jump off the sofa as I flicked channels. Suddenly there was a knock.

“Pizza delivery”

Did I order pizza? I did not!

“Wrong house” I shouted annoyingly

The knocks persisted. What is wrong with this guy?? I got up and yanked open the door. Before I could say anything, the pizza guy pushed me into the house and closed the door. My eyes glanced at the chin poking out beneath the cap.

Oh my gosh, it’s Sean.