Chapter 1

“ Alright I’ll be there as soon as possible” I stood up and rushed to the dressing table to brush my long wavy brown hair. I checked my face. No running-down-the-face mascara. No smudged lip gloss. I grinned, satisfied and picked up my bag.

“ See you later darl” I gave a quick wave to my flatmate.

Gail gave a wolf whistle as I walked to the door.

“ Who’s the lucky guy?” she asked.

“ I’m just meeting Cindy” I smiled and left before further questions were asked.

I smoothen my top and trod to my car. My precious little Toyota. Within ten minutes, I stopped in front of Burger King. When I walked in, I could spot Cindy. She was waving at me and I smiled as I looked at my own outfit. It’s a far cry from hers. Cindy believes in bling bling and you can spot her from a mile away. Tonight she’s sporting a yellow top with silver skirt. Her hoop earrings, her long necklace were screaming LOOK AT ME!! .

All that aside, Cindy was the one whom cuddle me to sleep when it was over between me and Ryan. She was the one who brought me chicken soup every morning when I had a flu attack. I love her ( along with her bling bling ).

“ Angelisa!” her call broke my thought.

Okay, I must looked like an idiot standing and staring in front of the fast food restaurant.

I hurried over to Cindy and took my seat.

“ I haven’t seen you for so long!” Cindy sounded so excited to see me.

“ I know. I’m sorry I been so busy lately” I apologized and set my hand bag aside.

When I looked up, Cindy was grinning at me.

“ So spill, who is he?” she was pointing her fork at me.

“ Who is who?” I asked innocently although I knew what she meant.

“ You got a man in your life !” Cindy pointed her straw at me accusingly.

“ Lower your voice. No. the only man in my life is Snooky” I laughed.

“Snooky is a dog. Come on Lisa, spill”

“I just had been busy with work. That’s all. No man after Ryan” I smiled with a shrug.

Cindy leaned forward and squeezed my hand. I patted her hand in return, grateful for her comment.

“So besides Snooky, how’s your career going?” Cindy asked, changing the topic.

“I think I might be promoted soon to senior editor” I whispered.

“Oh my! I’m so excited. You must take me for dinner once you’re promoted!”

All my life, I had wanted to be the chief reporter. Currently I’m one of the best reporter ( not to brag but it’s true ) for a column in the local papers. Twice a week. Cindy then proceeded to tell me about her boyfriend Sean. Actually I don’t like Sean much. He has that flirty vibe. I always feel that he tries to act all cool in front of me whenever Cindy has her back turned. Or maybe he treats everyone like that. Maybe I’m being too sensitive. Wait, what was Cindy saying about Sean?

“ I think I’m falling in love, Lis” Cindy said dreamily.

I looked at her. I think my expression was obvious as she just smiled and patted my hand.

“ I know it’s early. I have only been dating him for four months, only four but I know the feeling is right”

“ I thought after one year, Ryan was the one. Turns out, he’s totally the wrong one” I smiled regretfully at Cindy.

Mandy Li. I remembered her so well. Every morning, I greeted that damn receptionist and she smiled at me. I had seen how she and Ryan exchanged smiles. I thought it was normal until the day she quit her job. That evening, I returned to my apartment and prepared a romantic dinner for Ryan. He turned up late with a grim look as he goes on using the cliché,

“ It’s not you, it’s me” speech.

I could not accept and I was numb all the way until he excused himself off. I looked out the window and I saw them. I saw Mandy got out the car and they embraced a short kiss. I guess they felt me staring and left hastily, without looking back. That’s when I broke down, my heart shattered to pieces, I picked up the phone and in ten minutes when I opened the door, I collapsed into Cindy’s arms.

Now six months later, I looked at Cindy, afraid of the mistake she might make. Afraid I might watch her repeat my mistake. Cindy took my hand in hers and gave a comforting rub.

“ You will meet the one someday Lis and he won’t make you cry” she said softly.

I nodded, although I doubted so but Cindy was so sweet, I couldn’t argue with her. After two hours, I left and drove home thinking of Cindy and Sean. I thought about James, my boss and tomorrow's work. I thought about Snooky, my adorable chihuahua.

I didn’t realize the car in front of me stopped. I sudden brake in time and before I could breathe in with relief, I heard a sickening crash from behind.

Damn! The black Lamborghini behind me couldn’t brake in time. Not my fault.

Great, what an ending to a perfect night. What should I do now? Call the cops? Just drive on? Before I could do anything, I noticed the driver side of the car opened. The driver stepped out.

“ No way” I gasped as I let go off my safety belt.

Angelisa Wang Zhi Ting, tonight might not end so badly after all .. .


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