Chapter 6

“Gail!” I shouted for my housemate as I yanked the door open.

“Gail, Snooky .. “ I was loss for words when I saw Tom sitting on my couch with Snooky on his lap. My dog looked so contented there as he propped his head when Tom stroked the top of his head.

“Oh, I’m sorry. I assume this is your dog? It followed me out”

“Ah, it’s okay. I just thought he went missing. I’ll be right out”

As I closed the door, I leaned behind the door and took a deep breath, and then I smiled to myself. Looks like Snooky approved of Tom. I wonder if Tom approves of me.


I decided to wear just my simple new jeans and my new yellow top. When we arrived at Madam’s house, she was in the garden watering her plants.

“Auntie, you don’t need to ask Tom to fetch me every time. Just call and I can come by my own” I smiled.

Madam chuckled “ Silly girl. We just want you to be safe”

I nodded and looked at her beautiful garden. I had never really looked at the garden before.

“Tom, bring Lisa a tour around the garden”

Tom came up next to me and held out his hand. I turned back to Madam.

“Don’t you wanna come with us?” I asked.

“Oh, no. I should go in to check on dinner. Tom will take care of you”

Madam came over and took my hand and placed it in Tom’s hand. His hand is holding mine.

“Tom, take care of Lisa. I don’t need you always, I’ll be safe” Madam teased.

It felt really weird walking around with Tom’s hand in mine. He doesn’t seem to be feeling anything though like he’s already used to bring girls a tour around Madam’s garden. I felt a stab of jealousy of that thought.

“Madam planted all these by herself” his other hand gestured the surrounding.

“Really? I thought she have gardeners doing all these” I was surprised.

There were tons of flowers around the whole garden. We walked from the right side of the house all the way to the back and came out from the other side of the house.

“Yeah Madam’s hobby is gardening. Her garden is her second baby”

“Wow, her second baby. She’s a pretty remarkable woman huh? “ my eyes roamed around.

By now, I had let go off Tom’s hand to hug myself as it was getting windy outside but I still want to enjoy the beauty of the garden.

“She is a remarkable woman. That’s why I like to work with her”

He gestured the bench to me and we sat down together.

“Madam has given me a job or else I might probably still be fighting with gangsters on the street” he looked at me.

“What do you mean?” I asked curiously.

“I’m an orphan who grew up at the orphanage. When I was 18, I was constantly beaten by a group of gangsters because their girlfriends apparently had a crush on me “

“But that’s not fair! You didn’t went after them “ I wanted to raise my voice.

Imagine that, Tom with his good looks being beaten just because he’s good looking.

Tom remained calm as he nodded.

“It got so bad until I was admitted to the emergency room with two stabs, one on the wrist and one on my chest. After I recovered, I worked as a bartender at night. In the morning, I helped an old man to sell fruits. That’s how I met Jay”

“How did you meet him? Did he came over and bought some fruits?”

He smiled at me “ That old man is Jay’s father”

My jaws dropped.

“Why is he selling fruits when his son is earning millions? “

“Well, he still wants to be independent”

“ Wow, I never thought you had such an interesting past”

Tom nodded “ Actually Tom is not my real name, my name is Tian Zhi”

I nodded and looked at him “ Tom is for the bodyguard image, huh?” I teased.

He chuckled and nodded then quietly he said.

“ My parents didn’t want me”

Before I could say anything, he held up his left palm and pulled back his long sleeve a little to reveal his inner side wrist. I looked and he traced his scar with his right hand finger and as I traced his scar too, his fingers closed around mine.

“Your hands are icy. Come on, let’s go in and have Madam’s soup” he stood up.

“She cooks too?” I couldn’t help smiling.


Somehow back in the garden, I had felt a soft side of Tom. I wanted to wrap my arms around him so badly, I wanted to try to erase the pain his past caused him, doesn’t matter if he likes me or not. Instead, I could only pat his hand and give encouraging words. I looked across the table and Tom was busy picking up food with his chopsticks. He looked like he belonged here and auntie doesn’t treat him like a bodyguard, more like a son. Tom looked so handsome, even when he’s chewing his food, I could see his jaw line move.


“Hmm..?” I turned to auntie at the same time Tom looked at me.

She looked amused “ Is the food ok?”

I grinned after I swallowed my food in the mouth.

“It’s delicious; I haven’t had good home cook food since a long time. Gail and I are experts at making sandwiches but nothing else”

“Your home is far away?” auntie asked.

I nodded “My family lives in China. I came here with Gail”

“You’re a special guest today. Usually Madam won’t even cook” Tom grinned.

“Oh, then I’m honored” I bowed my head a little.

“I can’t take all the credit for it, Tom helped me earlier “ she smiled gratefully at him.

Man, he can cook? Damn, is there anything he can’t do? I practically melted at the thought of him in the kitchen.


“I should be going home soon” I glanced at my watch.

Outside it was raining heavily, maybe I could make a cup of hot chocolate and snuggle in my bed, read my book while Snooky lay beside me. As Tom opened the door, the wind blew the rain in and I was half drenched.

“Oh dear, come inside” auntie lead me in as two maids appeared with towels.

While I was drying myself, I looked at Tom who was also wet and drying himself with the other towel. He looked messy and his wet shirt was pressing on his body. I had to look away to hide my face, which I knew was turning red.

“Lisa, why don’t you stay here tonight? The rain is pretty heavy and it is dangerous to go out like that” auntie said.

“It’s ok. I don’t wanna trouble you .. “

“No trouble at all. I’ll be more worried for you and Tom to be traveling in a storm like this”

Her phrase ‘ you and Tom’ made me gooey inside. Since auntie had a good argument, I decided to stay for the night.

“Jane, bring Miss Wang up to the guest room”

I followed the maid upstairs. I never been upstairs before. As I walked past, I saw a room with a big window. A glance and you know it’s a studio. Jay was inside, a pair of headphone on his ears and his legs propped up on the table. He glanced at me.

“Ah miss, sorry I clean the room a bit” Jane said apologetically.

I smiled with a nod. Jane went in the room as I stood outside.

“How come you’re still here? “

I turned around and saw Jay standing there, looking at me like I’m an intruder. Irritation built up in me. What have I done wrong? He’s the one who accused me of being paparazzi in the first place. Sure, I was grateful he saved me from Ryan but what did I do to piss him off?

“Your mother insisted that I stay over because of the storm” I said calmly.

He looked a little taken aback by the tone of my voice.

“Just don’t go into the studio” he looked at me.

I wanted to reply ‘ Who wants to anyways’ but I just nodded. Jane came out of the guest room and indicated that it was clean. I walked in and closed the door in front of Jay and lean on the door. Why am I not star struck by Jay? Cause he's an arrogant ass, that's why.


Hmm.. should I shower or not? If I don’t, I’m all icky and sticky but if I do, then I have to wear the same wet clothes? Suddenly Jane knocked and walked in with a pair of pajamas and another set of clothes.

“Madam would like you to have these clothes”

I would decline because it was too much I’m taking from auntie but I can’t possibly argue with Jane so I gratefully accepted the clothes. Looks like I can have a shower then.

The guest bedroom was lovely, queen size bed with fluffy pillows. A dressing table was provided with choices of beauty products. Heck, it looked even more complete than my room. I dropped my wet clothes and went in for a shower. The hot water felt so good, so refreshing. Should I just climb into bed?

No, I should go downstairs and say something to auntie, I put on the clothes auntie gave, t shirt with shorts. Hmm, just my size. As I pulled open the door, Tom was standing outside my door, ready to knock. He looked surprised, happy and dry.

“Hi” I suddenly felt shy.

“Can I come in?” he smiled.

How come I never notice his dimple before? I nodded and let him in.

“How do you find the room?” he looked around.

I shrugged “Pretty neat. The room is bigger than my room and bathroom combined”

I sat down on the bed as Tom pulled a chair and sat across me. Inside, I kinda wish he would sit next to me.

“Were you trying to run away just now? “ he teased.

“No, I just want to go and thank auntie”

“Funny. She asked me to check on you” Tom ran his fingers through his hair.

“Tell her thank you for the shelter” I looked out of the window.

The wind blew hard against the window and I could see the tree swaying violently. Imagine driving home in this weather. I made the right decision. I bit my lips and decided to ask.

“Why does Jay hate me ?” I turned to Tom.

He frowned a little “ He does? I don’t think Jay hates you”

“But he’s not happy that I come around” I stood up.

“He just takes time to trust people” he stood up with his hands on his waist.

“Maybe I shouldn’t come here anymore” I mumbled, getting lost in my thoughts.

Tom frowned “Lisa, I know you are a reporter”

My heart almost stopped. I looked up straight at Tom.

“How .. you found out ? “ I looked away, unable to look at him.

“I did some research and you’re working for local papers. Your column appears on Tuesday and Thursday”

Suddenly I felt so violated and I felt a spark of anger.

“Why are you digging information about me?” I snapped.

He raised his voice a little “ It’s my job to protect Madam. I have to know who you are”

I could not blame him. After all he’s the bodyguard. Silence for a while.

“Why would auntie let me in her house then?” I asked quietly.

“She doesn’t know”

“Why you never tell her? “ I walked closer to the window.

“Cause I trust you” his voice was gentle.

Somehow that made me warm inside. Oh gosh, how much do I like this guy? The rain had decreased and I opened the window to let some fresh air in.

“Lisa, I trust you” he repeated.

Just then I saw a flash across the sky and before I could move, Tom had pulled me away from the window. We both fell on the floor as Tom put his hand forward as he shielded my head. A white flash lit up the room and I managed to see the lightning strike near the window where I was standing.

“That was very dangerous” he said.

I was still in shock and suddenly I’m aware of how close we were. Tom’s eyes darted to me and I realize we were breathing hard either from the shock of how I almost got killed or because Tom was half on top of me, with his right arm still shielding my head. I kept looking at him as he stroked my head with his fingers.

“Are you okay?” he said gently.

I took a deep breath and I knew my face must be red. Tom smiled and I closed my eyes, hoping it’s not a dream to have Tom so close to me. Then I felt his lips and instantly my insides melted. His lips were warm, inviting and gentle. His hand rest on my face as his right arm was still shielding me. He broke it off and I opened my eyes to see him opened his as he suddenly look red.

“I hope you’re not having a fever” he grinned, his thumb stroked my left cheek.

I blushed, my face must be burning. I shook my head with a smile as I felt my heart raced faster. Tom kissed me again and this time, I kissed him back. His hands were still protecting me. I felt a connection in that kiss and one thing is certain, he is not gay.

“Tian Zhi” I mumbled between the kisses and I felt him smile against my lips.

I will never regret what happen tonight, I’m pretty sure. As Tom kissed me again, I felt a tear drop by the side of my eye.