Chapter 5


“He’s gay??” Cindy exclaimed loudly.

“Shh .. pipe down. I don’t want Gail to know” I whispered.

Cindy glanced at the door and half expected Gail to burst in.

“Well, how could he be gay and date you at the same time?”

“Hey, I’m not sure is he gay. Jay just said its a rumor”

In my heart, I was hoping it’s not true, how could someone so good looking be gay? It’s not fair.

“Oh yeah speaking of Jay, how is he in person?” Cindy asked excitedly.

“He’s not very friendly. At times I feel like he hates my presence” I put on a sad face.

“But his mom seems to like you very much” Cindy pointed that out.

That I had to agree. Madam Ye seemed to enjoy my company a lot.

“She’s just lonely” I shrugged it off. I didn't want to make it seem like a big deal.

My phone rang and I hesitated when I saw Tom’s name.

“Your boyfriend’s calling” Cindy raised an eyebrow.

I took a deep breath before answering the phone.

“Angelisa? Can I ask if you’re free this Saturday?”

He’s asking me out? Suddenly my heart beats faster.

“Yeah, sure I’m free” I glanced over to see Cindy’s smile.

“Madam ask would you like to accompany her to go shopping”

Oh, it’s for the old lady.

“Oh, it’s okay. No problem” I couldn’t help sounding disappointed.

He chuckled “ I’ll come and pick you up at noon”

Hmm.. why did he chuckle like that? I'm amused.


I was aware there are people who were looking at us as we went in shops. Not many people would recognize auntie but Jay fans do. Either that or girls are drooling over Tom. Suddenly I’m a little envious of them. They don’t know that Tom is gay. No, maybe gay. As Madam went into another shop, I noticed she went to the men’s section. That’s when I felt a hand held my arm and a voice whispered into my ear.

“I can’t stand the girls stalking me” his voice sounded desperate.

“Who told you to be so hot?” I teased jokingly.

I could feel myself blushing furiously as Tom chuckled. I was also aware his arm was so close to mine.

“How can I help you?” I whispered back.

“Just pretend we’re going out” he nodded.

He looked at me and I practically melted. I agreed and we just walked together. Madam smiled when she saw the girl stalkers gradually decrease.

“I thought you would love girls after you. Isn’t that what every guy wants?” I smiled.

“Hmm .. but I’m not like every guy” Tom gave me a grin.

My heart stopped for two reasons. That was the best looking grin in the world. Reason number two:- is Tom trying to hint to me he’s gay? My thoughts were interrupted when auntie asked me to accompany her to the ladies.


“Thank you for helping me to get Jie Lun’s birthday present” Madam smiled.

Just then Jay walked in the door and when he saw me, he acknowledged me with a nod.

“I heard my name. What is it about me?” he smiled and sat beside her.

“Nothing. I just thought about how well your album is selling” she smiled.

“Oh, you have been out the whole day. What did you buy?” Jay tried to peep into the bags.

“Nothing much. I have just been walking with Lisa”

Jay looked at me

“Thanks for taking my mom out today”

“No problem. I hope she enjoys it as much as I did”

Jay nodded and escorted his mom upstairs which leaves me and Tom alone.

“Thanks for playing along and helping me” he said.

“No problem. It’s okay. This won’t stir up anymore rumors, will there?”

Tom shrugged “I don’t think it will. Don’t worry; I won’t let you get hurt, I promise”

“I’m not afraid of getting hurt. I’m just afraid my ex might see me in the news”

“Oh, have I caused you any trouble?” he frowned.

I told him about the encounter I had with Ryan last week

“Wait, why did Jay pick me up?” I asked

“Madam told him to do so. Jay might look cool and snobbish but he always listens to Madam”

I nodded before Tom continued on.

“If he ever finds you again, you have to tell me ok?”

At that moment, I felt Tom turned into a caring soft hearted man. His serious tough bodyguard appearance was gone. I nodded in agreement, relief I could count on Tom if I have Ryan problems.

“I’m sorry I dragged you into this charade”

“Not your fault” I smiled and patted his hand casually.


It’s been a week since I last stepped into Madam’s huge house. Tom did text me almost every other day to ask if Ryan had been bothering me. As expected, when I woke up on Sunday morning, in a tiny quarter of the entertainment section, three different snapshots of us in the mall just the day before. An article confirming we are indeed dating.

“You guys look awesome together” Gail gasped.

This time the stares and glances increased. It was somewhat disturbing that reporter actually came up to me and asked me about my ‘relationship’.

“Are you close to Jay Chou?” one even asked.

I answered them with no comment, a tactic which Tom taught me. If I give them a response, they will not leave me alone. Two days into next week, Tom came over to pick me up. I was caught completely off guard, sitting on my bed reading my new book with my hair tied in a bun. Snooky was running around the room. That’s when Tom came in the room with Gail. I almost wanted to scream in horror.

“Tom dropped by so I invited him in” Gail had that naughty glint in her eyes.

“Angelisa, Madam invites you to dinner” he smiled; obviously enjoy seeing me in a mess.

“Er .. ok. Umm, can you wait outside for a while? I’ll be ready soon” I got up.

I cringed when I saw my bra hanging on the closet knob. I rushed to it and pulled it as I threw it into the closet. I saw Tom grinning with amusement. Damn cute!

“Alright, I’ll be right outside” he excused himself.

“Oh gosh, he’s here. What should I wear Snooky? Oh, why do I bother? He’s gay. As if he’s interested in me. Still, oh damn. Where’s my comb Snooky?” I was talking to my dog at the same time running my hands through my clothes. Weird.

“Snooky?” it was weird my playful puppy is not around.

My heart raced. Where did my baby Snooky go?