Chapter 23

I could hear my ringtone blaring from the shower. Should I pick it up or ignore it? I took a second look in the mirror. My soapy hair had foam threatening to slide down my nose. When I stepped out of the shower, I noticed there were 2 missed calls. As I was about to return the call, my phone rang again.

“Hello” I smiled and flopped on my bed.

“How’s my girl?” Tom sounded cheeky.

“I miss you. I haven’t seen you for a week” I pouted.

“Me too. Sorry I been so busy with the security system and Jay’s promotion of his new album”

“He must be pretty busy then” I thought back on the day I last saw Jay. He left a kiss on my cheek, so tender and soft and left me stunned.

“Ting Ting, you there?”

“Sorry, was searching for something. What did you say?”

“I wanna come over tonight and cook you dinner”

“You don’t need to work tonight?” I put him on handsfree.

“I got someone else to cover me. So, what do you say about dinner?”

“Of course yes. Do you need me to get you anything?” I asked, searching for my green blouse.

“Rest your pretty little head babe. I will be there with everything by 6 pm”

“Can’t wait. My boyfriend is cooking me dinner” I clapped my hands together.

“That’s cause I love you” his tone was playful and lazy.

“I love you too” I smiled.

“I wanna come in” I whined, clutching at the door frame.

“No, you stay out there and wait for food to be serve”

Tom looked so handsome in t-shirt and khakis. He looked extra adorable with an apron and his newly dyed cut brown hair. So adorable that I tiptoed into the kitchen and reached out to touch his hair.

“Do you like my hair?” he grinned.

“I love it. Why didn’t you tell me about your hair?”

“It was a surprise for you” he pulled me close to him and kissed my head.

I love it. I absolutely love it. I love every moment Tom touched me, I love it that he cares.

“Honey, whatever you’re cooking, it’s burnt” I laughed.

He turned back to his cooking and I peeped over his shoulder to look at what is in the pot.

“No peeking. Go to your room” he pointed towards the door.

I smiled and pounced on him to kiss his cheek before leaving. My heart skipped a beat when Tom grinned.

After I cleaned the dishes, I went into my room to see Tom picking up my clothes from the floor.

“Baby, just leave it. I’ll get to it” I gestured to him.

“No, you won’t. Besides it’s just small stuff. I dunno how you could be such a messy bug”he grumbled.

I couldn’t help but to feel slightly annoyed with his tone. I snatched the clothes from his hands and dumped them into my cupboard.

“I’m done with it. Happy now?” I threw my hands up in defeat.

Tom looked at me and I could see he was feeling a little guilty.

“I didn’t mean to hurt you”

“Tom, I know I’m not perfect but to have the person you love call you childish name is not cool”

He pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

“I love you despite everything k.”

“You’re lucky my brother and Gail are not in, or else you might have to cook for all of us”I tried to change the topic.

“Where are they anyway?” Tom looked up.

“Lamaze class”

It felt really good to know that my brother is out there, trying his best to be responsible and went with Gail for the class.

“I bought you breakfast” Dylan pushed a plastic towards me.

I unwrapped the plastic and smiled “Red bean pau! You’re the best big brother ever”

He poured me some milk in my glass and slides it across the table right into my hand.

“How was Lamaze class the other night?”

I didn’t have the time to talk properly to Dylan ever since two days ago. He recently got a job and I was busy with mine too. When Dylan didn’t answer me, I looked up to see him staring at his glass of milk. I kicked his leg under the table.

“The whole thing is kinda scary” he leaned back on his chair.

“The breathing technique?”

“No, the whole being a father thing. I just realized my whole life will change”

“Of course it will. Someone who is blood related to you exist and will be here in 5 months”

“I will be the person this baby looks up to. I have to guide him through his life”

“It’s a him? I’m gonna have a nephew?” I sat up straight.

“No, assuming the baby is a boy but Lis, do you know I have to be a role model from now on? I cannot screw up anymore”

“You are allow to screw up, ge. You are a father, not Mr perfect”

“The baby will be a fragile little human and I’m responsible for his upbringing. It’s like he’s a white flag and I’m suppose to colour him”

“I bet dad was like you when you were born. Maybe he freaked out even more”

Dylan sighed “This is all so sudden and unexpected”

“Think about Gail. She’s going through what you are going through plus she’s carrying the baby. You’re not alone and you are gonna be fine. You will get there when you hold your baby in your arms and your heart swell with pride and joy” I stood up with dramatic effect.

“How do you know that?”

I shrugged. “When I’m bored, Gail’s maternity books seems interesting”

“No, the eggs are not meant to be poured in first” Tom chuckled.

“I’m not even a quarter of a cook you are” I sat down in frustration.

“Not that terrible. Honey, can you help me get some sugar from the store?”

I grabbed my car keys and jogged out of the premise. When I drove out of the area, I saw a reporter sneaking around the bush. I put on my shades and ignored him.

When I reached the store, I grabbed the bag of sugar and walked to the counter, squeezing past this chick with a huge bag. She was wearing a skimpy blue top with micro mini skirt.

“What the hell are you looking at?” she scoffed at me.

Then she brushed her LV bag off invisible dust. I had the urge to slap the bitch right across her face but like always, I don’t have the guts too.

When I got back, I told Tom about the bitch I met in the store.

“Why are women so nasty to each other?” he shook his head.

“Including me? ” I laughed.

“You’re no woman. You’re an angel” he turned and smiled.

“I think the sugar is a little too sweet” I blushed.

Suddenly Jay’s head popped in the doorway.

“Hey you” I grinned.

“I’m bringing my mom out for dinner so you two can have your little candle light dinner here”

“Aww .. you guys enjoy your date” I teased.

Jay stuck out his tongue at me.

“We will clean up, don’t worry dude” Tom waved his spatula at Jay’s direction as he laughed.

My hands were wrapped around his neck and his lips were kissing mine. It felt intense, it felt warm and it felt good. I let go of Tom and he looked into my eyes, like he was reading my thoughts.

“Ting Ting, are you sure you want to do this?” he asked.

I couldn’t answer him. I reached out to touch his hair, and then I kissed him again. I reached over and dimmed the lights as Tom removed his watch. I watched him as he approached me and guided me to his bed. Sealed with a kiss, I slide his shirt off as he laid my head gently and the rest is history.

When I opened my eyes in the morning, I looked around to instantly recognize it was not my room. I looked for Tom and he was sleeping with his arm draped around me. Suddenly I felt self conscious in broad daylight. I slipped out of his arm and searched for my clothes on the floor. Where are they?

The nearest piece of clothing would be Tom’s shirt. I slipped it on and ran to the window to shut the curtains properly. I looked at Tom, peacefully sleeping and I started wondering. Will there be a change to our relationship now that I had given myself to him?

No, you know Tom is not like that, I told myself. I crawled back into bed and kissed my boyfriend’s cheek when he grabbed me suddenly and I let out a squeal.

“You thought I was sleeping eh?” he grinned.

“You were not?”

“I saw you checking me out so I continued sleeping”

He was looking at me so silently and I got freaked out. I sat up and looked at him.

“Don’t look at me like that” I got out of bed.

“How can you be so beautiful? Inside out, every way around”

He pulled me back to bed beside him and I noticed the scar on his chest. I traced it with my finger, trying to imagine how hard it had been on him when he was on the streets.

“Tian Zhi, last night umm.. we ..”

“My feelings had not changed one bit. In fact, I thought I could not love you more but after last night I was wrong” he held my hand.

I smiled as he touched my face and pushed my hair back. It felt good that we had reached another level in our relationship.

“I love you Angelisa Wang Zhi Ting, always” his eyes pierced into mine.

“I love you too. You are very hot” I bit my lips.

Tom grinned and kissed me. We giggled softly and I closed my eyes as I enjoyed Tom's embrace.

“No, you can’t wear this” I laughed.

“Why not? It looks cool” Jay laughed.

We were holding up this hideous red and black checker pants.

“Suit yourself. You’re the boss” I threw the pants on the floor.

“Would you like to come down tomorrow? I’m shooting a scene at the old school building”

Jay is shooting a movie called ‘Secrets’ and he’s playing a student, although I had laughed at how he is too old to be a student.

“I’ll try to drop in during my lunch time ok?”

“Oh yeah, I forgot to ask. How’s your brother?”

“Freaking out about being a father. I think as time goes on, I have to tie his legs together to keep him from running away from commitment” I joked.

“You’re lucky to have a brother. I wish I have a brother of my own. Too bad I’m an only child”

“Well, it’s not always fun all the time. My brother used to pull my hair when I was 5. I would cry and he would deny it, big hoo haa back then”

Jay laughed. “That sounds fun. Sorry, I have been so busy with the movie and the directing. We hardly talk anymore”

“Hey, don’t apologize. It’s your job. I have no right to drag you away from your job. I have been pretty busy too with mine. That’s why I seldom come by”

“My mom told me she misses you. Although she has her dog now, she often wonders when will you be coming around”

“I have been replaced by a dog? Don’t worry, next weekend I will have some spare time. I have wanted to go shopping too. Gail is getting too tired to walk too long and Cindy has been busy with her new man”

“How's things between you and Tom?” he asked.

“It’s normal. We see each other when we get some time “

“Sorry he has been working quite a lot lately”

“Give him more work if you have to. If you need him around, just call him” I felt like I was selling my boyfriend.

Tom stepped into the room and flicked my ear.

“My girlfriend telling my boss to give me more work”

“Well, you should be helping Jay when he needs to” I stood up.

“Jay, you have an interview about the movie tonight” Tom took out his blackberry.

“Oh yeah, I gotta go get ready. You kids have fun”

He patted our shoulders and left the room.

“Are you complaining to Jay about me?” Tom folded his arms across his chest.

“I was not. Baby, I just told Jaythat he can have you working anytime. I don’t want him to think our relationship might take your time off your work. You know how Jay is, he wants perfection and I don’t want him to think I’m your distraction”

Tom seemed to ponder for a while, and then he let down his defence and took me in his arms.

“Your mouth is better off doing something else” he kissed me.

“Breakfast in bed, what a nice treat” I took a sip of the orange juice.

“You look sexy in my shirt. I like “ Tom climbed in beside me.

Tom has prepared me a wonderful porridge breakfast. My boyfriend must be the best person in the world and probably a chef in the past life.

“Oh baby, my old friend from the orphanage would like to drop a visit for a couple of weeks”

“Will I still get to see you?” I was not very happy with it but of course, my boyfriend has other people in his life too right?

Tom chuckled “ Of course. The three of us can spend time together too”

“When will he be here?” I dropped the spoon into the bowl.

“Two days later and it’s a she” Tom leaned over to pick up his shirt.

I’m glad Tom couldn’t see my expression. I turned pale. A she. No, not like this. What am I thinking about?

“Is she staying here?” I asked.

“No, she’s staying at a motel”

Whew! I was instantly relief. After breakfast, we read the newspaper together and solved the Sudoku puzzle.

“Why are you so beautiful?” he asked me suddenly.

I laughed. “Ask yourself why you love me. Aren't those life's mysteries?”

I kissed his chin but he caught my lips on his. Last night, we made love the second time ever and we felt really good about it. Lest self conscious, more confidence.

As I drowned in Tom’s kiss, the doorbell rang.

“Ignore it” Tom looked at me, his eyes burning with desire.

The doorbell was pushed repeatedly.

“Who is trying to wake the whole house here?” he got up and put on his shorts.

I followed him to check it out. The door was directly facing the stairs and I stood at the top while Tom opened the door. I heard mumblings and then someone walked in as Tom turned to close the door.

I hid behind the wall and peeped. It was a woman, fairly attractive and when she turned, I gasped.

Shit! What did I do??

It was that bitch from the store two weeks ago!


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