Chapter 2

Never in my twenty four years of life I had ever seen such a gorgeous guy. He was in a normal T-shirt and three quarter cargo. His hair was spiked up, his body built. It’s amazing how I managed to analyze everything within that few seconds as he walked over and tapped on my window. Dazed, I let down my window just a little. Hey, I was being cautious. You never know, he might be a handsome carjacker.

“ I’m so sorry miss. Can we drive to that store and park there so we can discuss the situation?”

I nodded and drove my car to the store car park. Mentally memorizing the Lamborghini plat number just in case he decided to escape. True to his word, he got down to discuss. As I exited my car, the gorgeous guy came over.

“ My name is Tom. I’m sorry I hit your car. Are you alright, miss..?”

“ Angelisa. Yes, I’m alright” then I turned and saw my car’s bumper.

The head light was broken and there were visible scratch marks. I cringed and Tom ( the super hot guy ) looked at me and smiled.

“ I will pay for the damage, I assure you “ he said.

Then he went to his car’s back seat and said something to the passenger inside and then turned to me.

“ I’m sorry but I have to get home now. I will call you later”

He handed me his phone to key in my number. This hot guy, who is so gorgeous he, could beat off any Matt Damon and Brad Pitt is asking for my number. I gave the phone back to him and he nodded. I saw through the light tinted glass window, an elderly woman sitting at the back seat. She must be someone powerful. Hilary Clinton? Queen Elizabeth? Get real, Lisa!


The latest song from Rainie Yang woke me up.

“ Hello?” I mumbled and glanced at the time. 11 am. Gosh, I’m such a pig.

“Morning miss. This is Tom”

It took me a minute to register in my mind who Tom was. I sat up straight and untangled my hair with one hand. As if Tom could see me over the phone.

“Oh yes Tom, from two nights ago”

Okay, that sounded slutty, idiotic and wrong. I mentally bang my head on the wall.

“ Yes, from two nights ago” he chuckled.

Please forget this, I silently prayed.

“Anyways madam wants to ask you to come over to discuss about your car”

I got little scared. What’s with these discussions? Madam?

“ Erm ok.. Where to meet? “I fumbled around for a piece of paper.

"I’ll come over and pick you up. Is that okay?”

Then he asked for my address. I gave it to him.

“Be right there in an hour”

An hour? Have to get ready in an hour? I jumped out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. I managed to get ready within 40 minutes. I know I’m not ready for the dating game yet but if Tom is coming, I can’t look like a housewife right? As promised, there was a knock on my door at 12 pm. I heard Gail opened the door and smiled to myself. Lest than two minutes later, she burst into my room.

“Lis, there’s a hot guy outside waiting for you” she whispered.

I smiled. “ I know. That’s Tom”

“Tom? You never mentioned about any Tom” Gail looked surprised.

I briefly told her about the incident that happened and I could see how Gail was so caught up in my story.

“I can't let Tom wait. See you later, Gail” I picked up my sandals and rushed out to see Tom waiting in the living room. He escorted me out of my house and opened the door to the Lamborghini. All the way to his place, I was beginning to wonder if this is Tom’s job. A driver? I studied his arms holding on the steering. Hmm.. such strong arms. I wonder how it feels to be held by those arms. Hey, why does he have such strong arms for? Maybe he’s a gym instructor. That’s when I noticed him smiling.

“Miss Wang, what are you looking at?” he smiled teasingly.

“Uh, nothing. Just daydreaming” I looked away.

Dreaming about you, I mentally added. Tom is so hot, I wonder if he has a girlfriend. Of course he does! He might even be married. Suddenly a pang of disappointment set within me. Bummer! We reached a condo house and the gate automatically opened. Wow. Beautiful garden. Tom parked the car along the driveway. I noticed a few more cars. Tom must be wealthy. As I got out of the car, I was welcomed by another older man.

“Miss Wang, I’m Henry. Madam is expecting you” he bowed a little.

I was brought in the house and I noticed it was quite grand, not too much but just right enough. The living room has a homely feel to it and when I was left alone, I couldn’t help but notice a few photo frames on the cupboard. It was a photo of a woman with a little boy. The photo looks old.

“That's my son”

I was startled and turned around to see a smiling old woman walking towards my direction. She was dressed in a simple blouse with knee length skirt. So this is Madam.

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to pry” I was embarrassed at being caught.

“It’s alright. Come and talk to me” she indicated the sofa.

Once we sat down, I automatically apologized.

“I’m sorry for the other night but I just came back..”

She put up her hand to stop me.

“You’re not wrong dear. It was our fault” she smiled.

Really? Oh whew.. wait, what am I here for?

“I wanna make it up to you”

Make Tom marry me. I teased myself mentally.

“Oh, there’s no need to.. “ I shook my head.

“Have dinner with us while we get your car fix” she smiled.

“I don’t think dinner is necessary”

“It would be lovely to have some company. My son is rarely home”

She sounded lonely so I gave in. then from there on; we just hit it off, talking. I told her about Gail, Cindy and James but not Ryan. It’s not something you want to tell a stranger about, even if she’s a friendly old woman. After half an hour of chatting, I excused myself to the washroom.

On the way to the kitchen, I heard some commotion and the gates were opened. I wanted to check it out but my bladder was begging for mercy.

After the washroom break, I walked out and heard a man’s voice in the living room. Madam had another guest, perhaps? I walked cautiously to the living room but when I opened the kitchen door, a man with his back turned walked towards me and before I could avoid, he bumped into me. I fell on the hard floor.

When I looked up, I gasped. The man was none other than the king of music, Jay Chou. I was dazed, sitting on the floor blinking because I couldn’t believe what I saw.

I swore I saw anger in Jay’s eyes.