Chapter 13

I hit enter again on my keyboard and moved my mouse to the save icon. There, my report on Jay is done. I leaned back on my chair and suddenly Tom came into my mind. Tom whom stormed out of my door when he realized that I was about to give in to my dream. I ignored the tears that were threatening to spill and decided to think the opposite way. It’s not my fault that James gave me this assignment in order for me to be promoted. It’s not my fault that I know Jay.

Actually it’s my fault. If I have just driven away when Tom hit my car that night, I would not know all of them. Tom ..

How could I be so selfish to let him go when he had been so nice to me? When I really do like him a lot and I owe Jay for saving me from Ryan. I switched off my monitor and climbed into bed, crying myself to sleep.


This is it. This is final. I glanced at the printed report in my hand and knocked rapidly at Jay’s house door. The door opened and I saw Tom. The last time I saw him was three days ago and somehow he looked horrible. He looked unhappy all over . When I saw him, I saw how unhappy he was, I saw how things got bad for him.

“Tom, what happened?” I was half afraid to ask.

“What you think?” he asked, half agitated and half weary.

He turned and walked in, leaving the door opened, indicating it is ok for me to walk in.

“Where are auntie and Jay?” I asked quietly.

“Still sleeping” he answered shortly.

Tom sat down and stared at the table right in front of him.

“Are you still angry with me?” I asked and retreated back a step.

I was afraid he might blow up but he just sat there and sighed.

“It’s my own fault actually. I knew you work for the media and I still fell for you” he looked at me.

I felt like he just stabbed me with the stare of his eyes.

“You regret going out with me?” I sat down on the couch opposite him.

“No, because I was selfish. I done some thinking Lisa, it’s not fair for you to give up your dream job but it’s not fair to Jay for either” Tom said.

“What about us? I knew this decision was selfish and this could mean the end of us. So here’s the report I made “

I held up the report in front of me so that Tom could see what was written. I took out my lighter and lighted up the right bottom corner of my report and watched it as it engulfed in flames.

“Lisa, what are you doing?” Tom grabed the report from me.

I stood up and watched as the report became nothing but ashes.

“I done some thinking and I realized I don’t want to lose you or Jay. This assignment had turned me into one of those dogs and I don’t want to get promoted this way. Most of all, I don’t care if I get promoted or not, I do care about what you think about me. I don’t want to throw away what we had” I wanted to cry because at that moment, I was so afraid of losing Tom.

Imagine my relief when Tom came over to me and wrapped me in a hug. The tough wall in me broke as I realized I just sacrificed my job for Tom. Never in a million years would I imagine choosing a man over my career. He would be worth it, I kept telling myself.

“That’s my girl” he kissed my forehead.

Then he looked at me straight in the eyes and I cannot help it, I just burst out crying.

“I quit my job too”

Tom looked a little surprised but he nodded.

“Are you sure?” he asked.

I nodded “ Yeah , I don’t want to work at where I might have the possibility to hurt people I care about”

Tom hugged me again. This is worth it. I already knew what is my next career move.


“Auntie, I’m here” I walked in from the door quickly and greeted Jay’s mom.

There was a pretty lady sitting on the couch with her and I immediately felt embarrassed. When she turned, I gasped.

“Lisa, this is Selina” auntie smiled.

Selina from SHE??? Ahhhh!! Now I’m star struck! And I remained calm when I met Jay? My brain was laughing at itself.

“Hi, you must be Madam Ye’s friend” she extended her hand.

“I guess I am “ I smiled and shook her hand as I took a seat.

“Lisa, Selina is here to talk to Jay about SHE’s new song” auntie informed me.

I nodded thoughtfully. Does that mean the other two girls are here?

“The other two are busy with their stuff so I was sent as representative” Selina seems to read my mind.

Just then Jay and Tom walked in, both wearing basketball jersey and shorts. Oo la la. How taut my boyfriend’s legs are, I secretly indulged those firm muscles with a smile.

“Oh, you are here” Jay looked at Selina.

Then he looked up and saw me “Hey Lisa” with a smile.

I realized Tom was holding a basketball and both of them looked like they had just had a game at the backyard.

Jay escorted Selina upstairs to his studio while Tom stood beside me.

“You kids have a chat, I’ll be right back” auntie stood up and walked to the kitchen.

“So who won?” I asked , looking up at Tom.

“Yours truly of course. Nah, master Zhou won” he grinned.

“Tom, you are getting sweat all over me “ I stood up and handed him a tissue.

“I should go shower. How is the job hunting going?” he asked as he took my tissue.

“Oh, still hunting. Don’t worry, I’m not broke yet” I rolled my eyes.

Tom nodded “ If you need any help, you must tell me ok”

That’s what I like about Tom, he doesn’t push help in my face but he let me do my own thing yet supporting me along the way.

“Do celebrities always come over often?” I asked excitedly.

“Occasionally. Why? You’re star struck” Tom pointed a finger at me.

“I’m only human” I grinned, still in awe of meeting Selina.


“What the hell do you want?” I sighed when I opened the door.

It’s Sunday and I’m in my big t-shirt and shorts eating ice cream while watching soap operas and I grunted as I got up to open the door. Well, I was expecting Mcd’s. Instead it was Ryan.

“Lisa, please let me in. I need to talk to you” he pleaded.

“Aren’t you ashamed? You’re begging me to let you in a girls apartment” I hissed.

“Ok, fine. I will say it right here. Lisa, I love you”

I burst out laughing, ok mock laughing but still, it’s funny.

“You love me? When did you realize this?” I questioned and cross my arms across my chest.

“I always have. The other girl was just a mistake”

“Yeah, the other girl was a mistake and so were you. How many times do I have to tell you Ryan? I’m over you. I moved on”

“Don’t you think of me anymore?”

“No, but I’m constantly reminded of you” I looked at him with dead serious eyes.

“See, which means that we still have a chance together” he smiled.

“I think of you when it is my turn to take out the garbage. I think of you when I see a dead rat in the middle of the road. I think of you when Gail killed a cockroach the other night”

“Lisa, please don’t do this” he gulped.

“I’m sorry Ryan. I moved on, why can’t you?”

There was a door closing and footsteps approaching the door.

“Ting, who is that?”

Ryan’s face hardens. “Who is that? “ he rolled up his sleeves.

“My brother”

I enjoyed watching the color drained from his face as he turned and ran away. I closed the door to see my brother standing there with his hands on his hips.

“Who was that?”

“Ryan” I said sheepishly.

“What?” he yanked open the door to look down the hallway.

I had to drag him away from the door and shut it.

“What the hell is he here for?”

“What else? To ask yours truly back” I pointed to myself like I’m a princess of some sort.

“That guy got nerve. Don’t tell me you are getting back with him” Dylan ordered.

“No way. I’m so happily in love with Tom” I pranced to the kitchen.

“What?” Dylan cringed.

“Er, nothing” I smiled.

Did I just said I love Tom? Really? Just as I reached for my tub of ice cream, I realized I was smiling.


“ I have something important to ask you” Jay said and motioned me to follow him to his studio.

I exchanged worried glances with Tom as I followed him. We sat down in his studio. Yes, finally I’m allowed in his studio. I must have looked like an excited kid when I started staring at the controls right in front of me.

“How do you feel about advertising?”

Eh, has he heard about the assignment which I was suppose to do about him? That was a very odd question.

“Jay, I don’t understand” I said confusingly.

“One of my friend asked would you like to do a Loreal’s hair product commercial?”

My jaws dropped down the floor. Literally. Me? Plain old me?

“Why me?” I asked, still not believing it. There are tons of gorgeous celebrities out there.

“He saw your face in the papers a few times when you were out with Tom. Mr Chen just wants have a fresh face, someone who is from the common ground and not famous”

I should be offended by the comment but I am not. I tuned out after the words “fresh face”

“Lisa? Can I pass your number to Mr Chen?”

“Is my hair really worth it?” I asked absent mindedly.

Jay smiled “He thinks so”

“But if I do the commercial, then the whole country could see me” I said.

He nodded “Yes they can” he looked amused by my noob-ness

Yes, noob-ness is a word I created.

10 minutes later, I walked out of Jay’s studio, silently making my own Oscar speech.

I would like to thank my parents for giving me this hair. I would like to thank my friend Gail who always insisted that I must follow her to the studio whenever she goes. I would also like to thank ….


Life is good, I just had my commercial shot and Jay being a pro and an old face of being advertised was there to get me some pointers such as which angle looks best and which light to focus on. To be honest, I was shy because I had to wear a silver dress with heels and I had never felt so girly in my adult life.

“You look beautiful” Jay had given me thumb ups.

My boyfriend couldn’t make it because he was running an errand for auntie. I was feeling rather awkward because I had to shoot a scene where a male actor had to smile as I pranced around the set. Nevertheless, we managed to finish the whole commercial within 3 hours. Whew.

“That was fantastic” Mr Chen smiled and I felt myself bursting with joy.

I walked off the set and was instantly greeted by Jay.

“You did great” he smiled.

I nodded and tried to keep myself from jumping around with joy.

“Hey Lisa right?”

I turned to see my male counterpart standing behind me, with a shy smile.

“Yes” I smiled.

What does he want? An autograph maybe? Oh my, I became a star in a second!

“Would you like to go on a date with me?”

Okay, that was unexpected. I smiled apologetically.

“I’m sorry but I have a boyfriend”

Who I might be in love with, I added mentally

“It’s ok. We can be friends right?” he smiled good naturedly.

I nodded and we exchanged numbers.

“You have a boyfriend? How come you never mentioned him?”

Oh, Jay is still waiting for me. I assumed he didn’t know about me and Tom then. I just smiled and mumbled something like “ You will know”

“Lisa, get your stuff. We’re going to send you home now” Mr Chen said.

“Oh no, it’s ok. I wanna walk home. It’s such a lovely day”

“Are you sure?” Jay asked.

“Yeah, besides I live nearby here. Just 15 minutes walk” I grabbed my bag and smiled.

I really wanted to walk or fly, if I could. I felt so happy and so grateful for this opportunity that came by. Suddenly I wished to hurry home and celebrate with Gail and Dylan. My supportive brother who insisted that I have become a star overnight. Then tonight I am suppose to go over to auntie’s and have dinner. Her way of celebrating this little success, then Tom, I remembered how happy Tom was for me. I smiled and also thought about thanking Jay and Mr Chen for this chance. I didn’t realize I walked past a baseball field. I heard the kids screaming but by then it was too late. The last thing I saw was a bat and it hit me as I blanked out.


Ouch ouch ouch. My head hurts. I opened my eyes and looked at the ceiling. Where am I ? Wait, who am I ? I touched my body. What am I wearing? Hospital clothes? What am I doing in the hospital? I got up and walked to the end of my bed.

“Angelisa Wang Zhi Ting” I read out softly.

Is that me? That must be me right? Since I’m lying on the bed. Suddenly a man walked in holding a bouquet of flower.

“You’re awake. Come on, you should rest”

I let him lead me back to the bed while I kept looking at him.

“Who are you?” I asked.

He looked sad “I don’t think you remember me but I’m your boyfriend, silly”

I have a boyfriend? He does look handsome wearing a shirt and slacks as he placed his wallet and phone to the table next to me before he placed the flowers in a vase.

“What happened to me?” I asked.

“You had a little accident. Might have lost a little bit of your memory. Don’t worry; I will take care of you ok. Trust me” he touched my face.

It felt warm and gentle. This is it, this man is my boyfriend.

“I love you Lisa” he said suddenly.

He loves me! Wait, am I suppose to say I love him too? Or is this is his first time of saying it to me? I guessed since we are a couple, I should say it back to him.

“I love you too ..” then I realized I forgot his name.

He smiled and held my hands. I smiled back at him, pretty much adjusting to the fact that I have a boyfriend.

“I’m thirsty” I said, licking my lips.

“I’ll get some water for you ok” he stood up and kissed me right on the lips.

That felt .. nice . I smiled as he walked out of the room. I am grateful; at least with my memory lost, I know I have a boyfriend who loves me. I laid back with satisfaction. Just then my boyfriend’s phone rang. I picked it up and noticed my picture was his wallpaper. I smiled and answered the call, a number which is not identified.

“Where are you?” a woman’s voice was whining.

I felt a chill suddenly. Who is this woman? I was about to ask her but she whined again.

“Ryan, where are you?”