Chapter 11

That early morning I received a call from james. That big assignment he was gonna tell me, he postponed it to Tuesday. After that 7 am call, I couldn’t sleep anymore. I walked around the apartment and lit a cigarette .. nah, just kidding. I don’t smoke. I poured myself a glass of cold milk and turned on my new CD, the one Jay presented to me. Suddenly Rainie Yang’s voice rose from my bed. Snooky woke up and pounced on my bed. I picked up my phone as Snooky pushed his head against my head. He needs to pee.

“Morning” the voice at the other end greeted me

“Hey, why are you up so early for?” I smiled and Snooky whined

“Had to pick up madam’s dress” he sounded sleepy

I put him on loud speaker as I dig around my cupboard for my t shirt

“Well, what’s your work schedule today?” I asked

“Oh, nothing much, madam is just gonna be at home today”

I put on Snooky’s leash as he whined some more. My puppy looks so cute when he is holding in pee. I picked up my phone and continued talking to my boyfriend. I love saying that, it makes me all warm inside.

“Babe, where are you?” he asked

“I’m just bringing Snooky out for a walk. Don’t call me babe” I frowned but as if he could see that

Babe sounded so loose, like a guy talking to a hooker. ‘ How much for one night babe?’ or a sexual harassment ‘Nice ass babe’. I cannot imagine being addressed like that.

I pushed the front entrance of the apartment gate open. Imagine my surprise when I saw a black Lamborghini parked right outside and in front of it, leaning on the car itself was Tom. I was so surprised I practically let go of Snooky’s leash as he desperately ran off to the nearest bush. Tom chuckled as he walked towards me and slowly pull the phone away from my hand to end our call. I blushed; okay I think I look very stupid like that

“If I happen to be a passerby, I would conclude that you are a dog abuser”

“What are you doing here? “ I asked with a smile

“ Told you I went to pick up madam’s dress, decided to stop by here and gaze at your window. Just my luck your little baby needs a pee” he smiled back at me

Snooky came running back to me, satisfied after peeing. I picked up his leash as he sniffed around Tom’s feet.

“Yes, he’s all done now” I grinned as Snooky took his sitting place beside Tom’s feet

“ Fancy a walk, baby?” he cocked his head to one side

I looked at him and cringe. No baby calling. He got the idea and nodded. We walked slowly and Tom reached for my hand. I gasped silently. Every step that I take in this new relationship is so foreign to me. I really like Tom, so I just wanna be sure to thread lightly first.

“What are you doing up so early this morning? It’s the weekend, I thought you would still be asleep” he asked as we walked slowly to the nearby park

I told him about my boss, james and his proposal for the assignment which could promote me straight to the job that I wanted all along

“Oh honey, that’s great” he looked really happy for me

“ Tom, no honey” I shook my head

He laughed softly and we sat down under a pretty maple tree.

“So you have no idea what is he going to ask you to write?”

I shook my head

“No, I hope it’s not something sick or sad like murder or war” I said as I propped my chin up on his arm.

“Well, whatever it is, you know I have your back and I am confident you will be able to fulfill this long time dream of yours” he pushed back some of my fringe softly

“ What about you ? What’s your dream?” I asked

“ I want to open a shop”

“Cool. What shop?” I asked excitedly

He put his finger on his lips “It’s a surprise”
I pouted a little but since Tom was so supportive of me, it’s only fair if I do the same for him

“I know I am dumb” he said

“About the shop? No, I think that’s a brilliant idea”

“No, I mean. I never had any proper education. I learnt everything myself and I learnt the basic in the orphanage. I will never be an engineer or a doctor”

“Why are you telling me this for? As long as you’re willing to work hard, that is enough”

I guessed Tom needs to tell I about his inner fears and his weaknesses and I really appreciate that; it makes him seem less perfect. Thank God, I almost thought I am dating a perfect robot. So just like anyone else, he needs assurance.

“Thank you Lisa” he smiled

I couldn’t help it, I reached out and kissed his dimple. He responded with a satisfied grunt and a kiss on my head.

“Come on Ting Ting, let’s go for breakfast”

I got up with him and smiled as I tugged on Snooky’s leash. That is one name I could get used to


“I wish I have a boyfriend like Tom” Gail sighed

“There are better guys out there chasing you” I grinned

I set my foot down on the floor to examine my newly polished toe nails. Hmm.. Tom did mention I look good with brown.

“You know what I mean, tall, handsome , famous”

“He’s not Jay Chou” I grinned

“Obviously, but he’s the next best thing”

“I’m more worried about Dylan” I frowned

“Oh yeah, if Dylan finds out about you and Tom, it’s gonna get pretty ugly” Gail examined her fingernails

“This is why I don’t plan to tell both of them about each other”

“Isn’t honesty an important key in a relationship? Doesn’t Dylan read the newspaper? You’re like a celebrity now, only you’re dating a hot bodyguard”

“I thought bodyguards are big and round” I pondered

“This is why you’re the luckiest girl to nab the handsome one. Don’t let Dylan spoil your love story”

“You are right. Speaking of love story, how is yours going on?”

She blushed “ Still the same. I haven’t ask him out yet”

My dear Gail has fallen head over heels for a guy at her workplace. Gail is a photographer for National Geographic magazine and that guy is her assistant. You never thought she is a photographer but that’s the only explanation why her room is full of different lens and tripods. Not to mention, the pile of free magazines in the corner, collecting dust.

Suddenly there was a knock and when I opened it , I saw Cindy. She looked pretty happy.

“Lisa! You’re okay! Gail said your ankle was twisted from the accident”

I glanced at Gail and turned back at Cindy

“Oh yeah, but I’m recovering slowly. Forget me! Where have you been? We been so worried about you”

“So sorry we missed your birthday, that accident was such a bummer” Gail rolled her eyes

“ What happened?”

“We were on our way to the hotel when this stupid drunk driver came near us and we swerve and ended up in the big drain”

“I’m sorry I didn’t come to see you guys in the hospital”

“It’s okay. I was given out patient treatment and Lisa came home the next morning”

I kept quiet all this while because I did not know how to get involved with the web of lies Gail is spinning

“Where have you been?? “ I asked again

“So sorry I disappear without notice. I needed some time off” Cindy sighed

“Dear, what happened? “ Gail looked at me and then we looked at Cindy

“Right before my birthday, Sean broke up with me “

That bastard. i wonder if he told Cindy anything about the incident in the room

“That asshole” Gail muttered

“What happen?”

“ He said the feeling was gone. He said he don’t love me anymore “ Cindy started sobbing

We hugged her. At least now that Sean is out of her life, she can start healing and we don’t need to see that pervert anymore.

“I really thought he was the one” Cindy mumbled

Okay , those words just made me shudder a bit ..


I smiled as I unlocked the door to my apartment. Today has been such a beautiful Sunday. I just came back from lunch and a long chat with Madam Ye and Jay. Tom promised he is going to bring me out to somewhere beautiful and he’s downstairs parking his car.

“Hey you!” I smiled like an idiot when I went in the apartment

Gail was sitting on the couch, cleaning her camera lens and she stood up as I walked in

“Er .. lis, there’s something I need to tell you “

“Speak to me. Hey, do you have that beige heels that you wore to ..” I opened my bedroom door to see Dylan sitting on my bed

“Hey you! Finally you’re home” he smiled and walked to me

“What you doing here? “ I sighed

“Had to check up on you”

“All the way from China? You know there’s such thing such as phone calls and web cams right? “ I teased

“Still, I flew all the way out here to see you” he smiled tenderly

“No need to, Dylan” I rolled my eyes playfully

He flicked my forehead

“Owh!” I rubbed my forehead

“Serve you right for calling me Dylan”

“Look, I’m busy tonight and ..”

“What’s going on here?”

We turned and Tom was standing by my door, looking confused. I walked towards him

“Tom, it’s nothing. He’s just .. “ I knew I sound like a babbler

“Oh, so you’re Tom ? “ Dylan pulled me aside and stared at Tom

“Who are you?” Tom frowned

Dylan smiled, that smile which says ‘back off’. Oh no, this is gonna be really ugly, just like Gail said

“I’m Lisa’s husband “



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